Tire Installation

  • Please be sure that your tires adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Check the vehicle placard which can normally be found on the doorjamb and it will have the tire size required.
  • Tire installation at Tandem Tire includes:
    • Checking the valve stems for wear and tear.
    • Inspecting the lug nuts for wear.
    • Mounting the new tires as per proper guidelines.
    • Proper balancing of the tire/wheel combination.
    • Optional balancing on one of our Road Force tire balancers to ensure that not only the tires can be balanced properly but that the wheel is able to be balanced. In some cases hitting a pothole or curb can throw not only the alignment out but also ruin a wheel.
      • Checking the brakes while the wheels are off.
      • Tightening the lug nuts per your vehicle recommendations.
      • For some wheels you’ll be asked to return after 50 miles of driving in order to have our staff retorque your lug nuts as some may have loosened. This is most often found on aluminum wheels. The retorque process can be done quickly in the lot, no appointment necessary!

Ezytire Toolbox